Welcome to my website. I have removed most personal information, along with deleting my Facebook page. I have consolidated all of my previous webpages into the information on this site and also the following:
This was originally for my labyrinth business, but now serves as the publisher of my books. For archival purposes there remains labyrinth information, but I no longer update it.
This website desribes the various books I have written (or plan to write) about proton therapy, a revolutionary radiation treatment for destroying cancer.
This is the blog site on which I post articles pertaining to the proton therapy world.
Here you can get an up-to-date list of all of the proton therapy centers in the United States.

I have eliminated severel websites to lower the cost of maintaining them. I have put some of the relevant information here on this site, for which the relevant links follow.

Aging as a Spiritual Journey
We are currently taking a hiatus from giving workshops on aging. Whether we resue them in the future remains to be seen.

Cruise of the Heart
This is a book about cruise ships as expressed in a memoir and love story. I wrote this in 2011 after a transatlantic cruise from Rome to Galveston. Of the booksIe have written, this is my favorite.