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Welcome to our website. We have Facebook pages but we don't keep them up to date. Here you will find more personal information.

My blog. This will be the thrust of my future efforts. Everything I have to say will be included on the blog. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter (see the latest edition). Leave a comment.

Short bio.

Here is a page about Linda and me.

Embarassing photos.

Article about me in Denison University newsletter.


Retired: Gone Cruising (website)
Find descriptions of the cruises we have enjoyed. Hopefully there will be many more in the future. Do you cruise? Take a look at our cruise log.

Cruise of the Heart (book and website)
This is a detailed description of a seventeen-day cruise from Rome to Galveston, Texas. It's more than just a travelogue, however. It's a memoir filled with reflections and poignant moments, an exposition on a variety of interesting topics, and a love story. It has a huge bibliography and resource section. See book on Amazon.

Labyrinth Books. For many years, I sold my five labyrinth books on my labyrinth website and Eventually they went out of print. Now, thanks to my learning the mechanics of self-publishing, I am updating and reissuing these books. The first, Church Labyrinths, is now available. See it on Amazon. The others will be coming soon.


Interesting articles on these subjects:
...self-publishing ships and cruise travel

My first blog is called The Gutenberg Legacy, comparing the state of printing books before Gutenberg's invention in 1450 of movable type, soon after, in the twentieth century, and currently, with the electronic digital revolution, along with the various social implications.

I will put some of my previous articles on the blog so they will get more visibility. Here's one debunking the silly theories about Chartres Cathedral, which I call "Mything the Point." See also my overview of Chartres Cathedral.

Take a survey about what you like or don't like about cruise ships.

See my anticipated book releases for 2014.

Find a link to my reviews (books, travel, more).

Check out my RSS feeds to see what other blogs I am following.

BUT . . . first I have to finish building the blog. It isn't quite ready yet. Please make a note of it and return soon:


A wonderful Pilgrimage to Chartres Cathedral sponsored by Veriditas and led by Jill Geoffrion.

A tour of labyrinths in Sweden. Orhanized and led by my labyrinth apprentice Lars Howlett and Jeff and Kimberly Saward, the world's leading authorities on labyrinths.

Other favorite links of Robert's.

Links and descriptions of Robert's websites.



Above: Linda and me on the Isle of Wight during our honeymoon in 2010.








In retirement, we are still active with labyrinths, both installing and lecturing. For more information, see labyrinths.


Newsletter. This is the same one to which you can subscribe on my blog (and receive an email notice when a new one comes out).

News and events. How is this different from the newsletter? It's shorter and more timely, whereas the newsletter has essays and articles.

LABYRINTH SUMMER SCHOOL: Fifth annual master class in how to make labyrinths, assisted by my apprentice Lars Howlett. Lars is a professional photographer (this photo included). See his work at For details about this training, go to Veriditas and scroll
down to July 30th - August 1.

Linda and I offer a half-day (or longer) program called "Aging as a Spiritual Journey." Click here to see a typical flyer. It's funny how old age is a sliding scale, always fifteen years older than I am. I am pleased that on my next birthday (July 21, 2014) I will turn 70. Wow, the big SEVEN OH.

Bread pudding.

I was really going strong with bread pudding until I gave up wheat. Not to worry, at the end of the article I describe several gluten-free variations. More recipes are welcomed.

A true American phenomenon. I have about 2,000 of them.

A brief look at my previous career.

The only secret to happiness