Does the word self-publishing have a hythen? Without it, you might be implying that you are publishing not books, but self. Of course, by pouring yourself into your writing, that can be essentially the same thing. Whatever the semantics may be, the advent of digital self-publishing has opened up a vast new world of possibilities, both wonderful and horrible. The following articles reflect some of my thinking on this topic.

Legacy Publishing, or No Place for Old Men

After workong on my cruise book memoir love story for two years, I uploaded it to CreateSpace, made a few adjustments, ordered a few copies, and finally got to hold it in my hand, a nice-looking book of some 250 pages. Like so many other newly self-published authors, I was boggled by the possibilities. My thrill turned into a project to write a book about self-publishing for baby boomers and beyond. I looked through more than fifty books on the subject, my outlook darkening bit by bit until I reached utter dismay. This brave new world may not be feasible for me, or others my age.

Getting published is quite easy, but after your friends buy copies, that's about it unless someone can find your book. For that you need to have a publicity campaign or pay big bucks for someone else to do it. That's where my efforts slowed down. For two years I kept trying to get a blog that I liked, which would serve as a connection to my writing and other interests. First I spend several hundred dollars working with a young man in India, but I didn't like the results. Using Wordpress I just couldn't do what I wanted. And frankly, I don't really want people to be able to reply. I don't understand why it is necessary to reply "Awesome." or "Nice job." or "Go for it." Perhaps it's a psychological thing: I reply, therefore I am.

I awaited releasing my book on kindle until I had a blog. Finally, after two years, I could wait no longer. I went ahead and put the book on kindle while still working on this blog. After everything is hunky dorry, I will come back and expouse in greater detail on the subject of self-publishing. In one concise statement, my siggestion is this: Use CreateSpace. Owned by Amazon, it is easy. The instructions are detailed and when you send in a question they reply within 24 hours.You write and format the book in your wordprocessor (Word is the standard, but I use Pages), turn it into a pdf file, and upload it to the publisher. There are a few other etails (ISBN numbers, for example) but they can be worked out. Just go to and look around.

For legacy purposes I think we should go ahead and get our work in writing. Publicity can come later, if ever.


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