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This is where I will be including commentary by myself and others relevant to current events in the news.


Above: We win! Oh, really? All of the current political candidates seem to be vying for the most violent response to ISIS. Carpet bomb them. Take them out. There are several problems with that strategy. It hasn't worked so far, in Vietnam, Afganistan, Irag,or now Syria.We lost those wars, despite being the worlds greatest military power and at the expense of trillions of dollars which could have been better used here at home. That would be more than enough to fund a universal health care system.

Our actions in Iraq led to the creation of ISIS and the instability in the Middle East. The civil war in Syria has now given Russia the chance to be a major player in the area. Yet talk continues about boots on the ground, drone attacks, and more bombing. ISIS isn't Syrian, you know. Most of its leaders are Iraqi sunnis. So destroying Syria would solve nothing. See the following drone photos of the once thriving city of Homs. (The humming sound is the engines of the drone.) This is not victory. Morally, it is repugnant.


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