I thought in my retirement I would write eight or ten books. Linda wisely suggested that some of those books can be chapters in my memoir. I like that for two reasons. First, they can be short and concise. Secondly, a memoir is my observation and my opinion. They don't have to be scholarly tomes with annotated footnotes. I'm not trying to write a textbook, I'm just sharing my life. Below are some of the anticipated topics.

Seeds of development, introversion, forgotten and forgettable childhood, XIP.
ROTC, Air Force, conscientious objection, prison, anti-Vietnam activism
Operating anti-war coffeehouse, being framed by the government, rescued by the ACLU
My one-year hippie marriage (1) and how Jane Fonda caused our divorce
Marriage (2) to my first cousin, concertizing in Europe, selling on the streets of Austin, wearing shoes
Restaurant manager, French waiter,
Real estate brokerage, development, construction, limited partnerships, commercial management
Traveling in pre-glastnos Soviet Union, Findhorn, rebirthing, discovering A Course in Miracles
Living in the French Pyrenees, restoring a stone farmhouse, finding myself,
Omega Institute, marriage (3) to Ruth, relationship as a spiritual path, One Heart Resource Center
The Law of Happiness, seminars with Dr. Happiness, short cut to enlightenment
Discovering labyrinths, building, writing, editing, training, founding Labyrinth Society
Chartres Cathedral, sacred geometry, pilgrimage, group travel
Ruth's cancer journey, being a caretaker, Budapest spas, restoring my health, lessons, regrets
Finding love again, marriage (4) to Linda, San Antonio, cruises, retirement
Bread pudding, yardsticks, grandchildren, remembering the future

My opposition to war, my imprisonment and politicalization are just as relevant today as they were in the 60's. It seems we never learn the lessons of history. Living in France, restoring an old stone farmhouse, could easily be a book along the lines of Peter Mayle's adventures in Provence or Frances Mayes' in Tuscany. Discovering Chartres Cathedral, labyrinths, and sacred geometry changed the way I see the world. Findhorn Community in Scotland, A Course in Miracles, happiness, and life with Ruth changed how I see myself (and others). Ruth's cancer journey angered me by the barbarity of the cancer industry and medicine for profit.

My marriages were measured in multiples of ten: One year with Merle, 10 years with Susan, 20 years with Ruth, and now, the beginning of 30 years with Linda. Merle was a free spirit and a poet. Susan showed me a wider world and brought music into my life. Ruth led me into love in ways few men experience. Originally my memoir was going to concentrate on just those years with Ruth, so deep is the material. Now, Linda is my life partner in the most exciting and rewarding period of my life, the senior years (having turned 70 in July, 2014), the fulfillment of all this inner and outer work. Yes, I think there is a memoir here. Stay tuned.