Linda and I met in 2007 (on a labyrinth), but it was too soon after Ruth's death for me to be interested in another relationship. So we stayed in contact via email and my occasional visit to San Antonio. In 2009 we traveled in France and took a cruise together. We discovered that we were extremely compatible and decided to be partners. In 2010 we were married in San Antonio on the same labyrinth where we met. Our honeymoon was a cruise to England and back on the Queen Mary 2.



Every January for some years now weve been going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (timeshare). It's a beautiful area, and, using frequent flyer miles, a very affordable vacation.


This is the view from our balcony, looking towards the city of Puerto Vallarta from the north. Look at the color of that water!

Waiting for the sunset in Puerto Vallarta with our friends.

Ah, there it is. The tower is the main church, downtown. The bell sounds like someone hitting a trash can with a crutch.


Linda is an Episcopal priest. She still fills in and does supply work when called upon. This baptism was at St. Marks in San Antonio with now retired rector Michael Chalk.

Our favorite restaurant in San Antonio is La Hacienda, so that's where we took Linda's son Mike when he visited.


I have no children of my own. Now, thanks to Linda's son Mike and his wife Audrey, I have two grandchildren.

The kids are young here. Kenny is now going on four and Anna is going on eight.

Watching for Orca whales.


From Anacortes, WA, we took a ferry ride to Friday Harbor.

The island of Madeira (near North Africa, part of Portugal) is a paradise that we hope to visit for a longer time than a six-hour stop on a cruise. These red plants are called sword aloe, or something like that.



The ballroom on the Queen Mary 2 is the largest at sea. We took dance lessons and ventured tentatively out onto the dance floor. To see more about our cruises, see the cruise log.


Formal night on the Queen Mary 2. The waiter guessed that we were newlyweds. Imagine that. We discovered when we returned from our honeymoon that all the photos we took were of us, not of the places we visited.