I've done a lot of things in my life, with hundreds more I would like to have done.Here are some of the ones I got paid for.


Shoveled manure from barn into honey spreader
Harvest hay crop -- load and unload hay trucks
Worked for Highway Department road crew cutting poison ivy
Operated plastic molding machine
Installed asphalt driveways
Waiter in college dining hall
Officer. in U. S. Air Force







Anti-war activist (Vietnam war)
Draft (Selective Service) counselor
Coffeehouse manager
Office manager for nonprofit organization
Canned and sold driveway sealer
Encyclopedia salesman
Craftsman, selling wire jewelry at craft shows (Wrote book, back cover shown below)

Craft show reviewer and columnist
Roadie and page turner for concert organist
Built harpsichords (Richard Kingston)
Restaurant manager
Waiter at fancy French restaurants
Apartment broker (and a few mobile home parks)
Organized limited partnerships (real estate securities)
Travel writer
Real estate broker and investor
Vice-president of real estate development company
Owned and renovated rental properties
Voluteer on summer staff at Omega Institute
Teacher and administrator at metaphysical resource center
Residential real estate agent
Director of my own travel company (One Heart Tours)
Organized and helped teach happiness seminars
Commercial real estate management
Full-time labyrinth maker

Keynote speaker (labyrinths)
Trainer, labyrinth facilitation
Master class teacher in labyriinth building
Labyrinth consultant and designer