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Bread pudding

I was really going strong with bread pudding until I gave up wheat. Not to worry, at the end of the article I describe several gluten-free variations. More recipes are welcomed. I continue to eat bread pudding, even making exceptions to both my gluten-free and low-carb regime. It's really just French toast (they call it pain perdue, which means lost bread) in a slightly different format.






A true American phenomenon. I have about 2,000 of them. No other country gave away tens, maybe hundreds of millions of yardsticks at the hardware store, the pharmacy, the bank, etc. I had hoped to write a book on the subject, but the chance of that happening is diminishing. In the photo, each box contains at least 100 yardsticks. The longer box has 48" sticks, which can't be called "yard." Maybe "four footers."




A brief look at my career as a labyrinth maker. To the right is the Cathedral Labyrinth in New Harmony, Indiana, made of polished and matte surfaced granite.



In 1986 while living in the Pyrenees Mountains I met a French doctor who healed people by getting them in touch with their hapiness. He felt that all illness was unhappiness expressed physically. He developed a very easy and accessible system through which to immediately enjoy your innate happiness. He called it BeHappy, using the English words (a bit trite here, but somewhat unique in France). Subsequently, I brought Dr. Happiness (as we called him) and four of his five kids to the United States where, for two years, we traveled and did happiness seminars. Now, happiness is "in," with dozens of books on the subject, virtually all of which miss the point.